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Miss Tiffany

Don't let her poise, posture, and tiara let you think she is only a beauty queen. Just ask the host of the last pageant Miss Tiffany was in.

Fiery Phoenix

Do any of the teams stand a chance against the Hollywood Starlets and their fiery, foxy coach?

DJ Electric Jaguar

Watch DJ Electric Jaguar move the Hollywood Starlets to the head of the game with her "killer" mixes and Naval Self Defense moves.


Check out D-Block with the Dallas Debutantes and her scrappy, dirty boxing techniques as she fights against those who framed her in the first place.  


Coach Brown Sugar Betty – How she coaches her team to the big win.

ATL is close to the heart of Coach Brown Sugar Betty. She is a diehard fan of every major Georgia sports team and focuses on delivering that same enthusiasm and support for her team – Atlanta Rapture.

Introducing Miss Tiffany - The Bipolar Beauty Queen

Burned out from two decades of beauty pageants, Miss Tiffany has taken to the pool with her fellow Dallas Debutantes teammates to compete for the division title and to have a sense of self-worth.

MWE is Live! Meet the Warriors of the Pool

Here it is. Margarita Wrestling Entertainment presents the Warriors of the Pool coming to you now in a new online game. Who will you pick to win the tournament? What moves will she use to take the trophy? It’s all up to you. Good luck in your quest.

Meet the entire Denver Elements Team as they unleash their wrath 1 mile above sea level!

Check out the ladies of the Denver Elements and the vivacious personalities that bring them to the pool side as they fight for the title of the champion of the MWE West.