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D-Block -

The Work-Released Convict
Full name: 
Diana Clayton Diggs
Fort Worth, TX
Hair color: 
Fighting Style: 
Scrapping, Dirty Boxing, Prison Yard Mambo
Taylor Schilling meets Anna Nicole Smith in prison scrubs
Wardrobe / Props: 
Orange prison uniform, Handcuffs & ankle-cuffs, Flip-flops, Steel muzzle
Battle cry: 
"You wouldn't last a day inside" "I'll make your mommy cry and your daddy beg"
Political affiliation: 
Can't Vote (Convicted felon)
Reason for fighting: 
On work release from Huntsville Prison. She secretly bribed her supervising officer to set up MWE as her new work release employer after hearing, on the inside, that the woman who framed her is going to be competing.
Lifting weights, not getting shanked in the shower, plotting her revenge
Day job: 
Favorite music: 
Gangsta Rap
Favorite movies: 
Out of Sight, No Country for Old Men, The Count of Monte Cristo
Role models: 
Martha Stewart, Nelson Mandela, Tonya Harding
Favorite drink: 
Smuggled Hooch
Signature moves: 
Governor's Pardon, Prison Yard Shank, Lights Out
Finishing move: 
The Conjugal Visit


The heartbreaking tale of Diana Clayton Diggs can be described as nothing less then a contemporary tragedy of Shakespearian proportions.

7 years ago, Diggs was an established and beloved Kindergarten teacher at a private Elementary school outside of Dallas. She spent the majority of her spare time rigorously training for national triathlons, and practicing hot yoga. While Diggs was quietly balancing a meaningful career and fulfilling life for herself, it was suddenly all about to come crashing down, from no fault of her own.

One morning in early October, agents of the FBI inexplicably raided Diggs’ two-bedroom condo. Diggs was arrested and charged with 5 counts of cybernetic fraud, including one charge of hacking the financial records of the Texas State’s National Guard. Although vocally pleading her innocence throughout her short trial, Diggs was quickly convicted and sentenced to serve 8 years in the Huntsville Correctional Facility in Fort Worth, Texas.

Inside the walls of federal prison, Diggs’ life had instantly deteriorated into a living nightmare of violence and humiliation. Being a prison “walk alone” along with having a docile jailhouse reputation, Diggs became an easy target, and unwillingly set the Huntsville Prison record for number of physical altercations involved in by a first time inmate.

After 2 years of battling fellow inmates in food line brawls and shower time assaults, Diggs had learned how to defend herself like a hardened criminal. Now armed with a devastating right-hook and a well-earned nickname, Diggs slowly began to navigate Huntsville’s treacherous terrain.

However, destiny soon stung Diggs once more, as whispers around the yard of an outside computer hacker responsible for Diggs’ framing (Code Name: Ice Pick) began to surface. Charting a self-made plan for vengeance, the former kindergarten teacher spent the next 3 years strategically positioning herself for her ultimate revenge.

Hearing rumors that her online nemesis was going to take part in a newly founded national women’s athletic organization, Diggs began bribing guards in exchange to be a part of the prison’s work release program. After greasing enough palms, calling in all her favors, and even lobbying Huntsville’s warden, Diggs finally finds herself outside her cell with a chance to lawfully settle the score with the woman ultimately responsible for ruining her life.