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H-2-Awesome -

Confused veterinarian suffering from severe amnesia
Full name: 
Harper Henning
Birth Name: 
Dr. Emily Joan Sipkins
More nicknames: 
Pueblo, Colorado
Hair color: 
Braided Cornrows
Fighting Style: 
Grappling, Jujitsu
Gina Carano meets Emma Stone.
Wardrobe / Props: 
Sport wrapped hands and ankles, Over-sized hooded sweatshirt, Wireless headphones
Battle cry: 
“You can’t spell H-2- Awesome without me” “You’re just another W”
Political affiliation: 
Colorado Fitness Centers
Reason for fighting: 
To become the baddest woman on the planet.
Femme Fatale
Jumping Rope, Nature Hikes, Watching UFC
Day job: 
Licensed Veterinarian
Favorite music: 
80’s Pop Rock
Favorite movies: 
Rocky 4, Babe, Universal Soldier
Role models: 
Mike Tyson, Eleanor Roosevelt, Cyndi Lauper
Favorite drink: 
Signature moves: 
Flying Arm Bar, Weight Cutter, Performance Enhancer
Finishing move: 
Rear Naked Choke


Of all of the unlikely roads to athletic greatness, Harper “H-2-Awesome” Henning’s improvable journey is literally the most heartbreaking and accidental.

Born Emily Joan Sipkins of Pueblo, Colorado, Henning enjoyed a leisurely and supportive childhood in the bosom of suburban America. Raised by her two encouraging parents, Henning went on to graduate from Rocky City College followed by Colorado Falls Veterinarian Academy with a doctorate in Animal Sciences. Henning soon found a job working as a licensed veterinarian at the Arapaho Pet Hospital, and her few spent days off rock climbing and watching her one guilty pleasure, Ultimate Fighting.

Although her adult life seemed to be comfortably unfolding precisely to plan, Henning’s world was about to be irreversibly changed forever. After being struck in the head by a loose boulder while innocently snowshoeing at Greely State Park, Henning was instantaneously knocked into a severe coma. With her family unsure whether or not their daughter would ever recover, Henning suddenly awoke to her parents surprise 3 months later.

However, the compassionate, bright-eyed persona, (formally known as Dr. Emily Joan Sipkins) that had tragically fallen into the coma, involuntarily transformed into a completely separate identity. Upon reawakening, the humble veterinarian began referring to herself as “Harper Henning”, and claimed to be a professional cage fighter from western Colorado. Doctors immediately ran a series of brain scans and cranial MRI’s, before diagnosing their patient with a rare form of persistent amnesia. Closely observing Henning for another two months, the confused victim of head trauma was ultimately released after her insurance company refused to fund her stay any further.

Returning to Pueblo and embracing her assumed alter ego without a shred of doubt, Henning began the grueling training for (what she thought was) her next fight. Even though she had never received any training in martial arts or competed ever in the ring before, Henning miraculously won her first match along with the following 4 fights with inexplicitly flawless technical MMA skills. With a shocking professional record of 5-0 and earning herself the nickname of “H-2-Awesome”, the amnesia riddled veterinarian now continues her new identity’s quest to become the all time greatest female fighter.