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Insanity Jane -

Ex Bull Rider Who Vows To Purge The World Of Bull Riding Forever
Full name: 
Janelle Carter
More nicknames: 
“The Bulldozer” “Buffalo Gal”
Casper, Wyoming
Hair color: 
Long and Pulled Back
Steer Wrestling, Rodeo Clown Tactics, Lone Ranger Combat
Wardrobe / Props: 
Gabrielle Union meets Serena Williams on a cattle run.
Battle cry: 
“I’m gonna brand your face, with my fist” “You must have diarrhea in your mouth, cause you talk a lot of shit”
Political affiliation: 
The rent is too damn high party
Reason for fighting: 
To raise money to end the sport of bull riding.
Femme Fatale
Playing Horse Shoes, Go Kart Racing, Square Dancing
Day job: 
Ex-Steer Wrestler
Favorite music: 
Favorite movies: 
Requiem for a Dream, Blazing Saddles, Unforgiven
Role models: 
Carrie Underwood, Lauren Hill, Lisa Kudrow
Favorite drink: 
Shot of Jack Daniels
Signature moves: 
Cattle Prod, Rodeo Clown, Leather Lasso
Finishing move: 
Cow Bell Ringer


Blessed with indomitable competitive flare, and the body of a modern day Olympian, Janelle “Insanity Jane” Carter is a down home country gal with a heart of gold. Born and bred on a cattle ranch near Casper, Wyoming, Carter was naturally drawn to the electrifying arena of rodeo sports. Feeling like an outsider at school, Carter found solace spending time learning to steer dog and bull ride from her adoring father.

Throughout her adolescence, Carter expended innumerable hours polishing her riding and takedown techniques under the watchful tutelage of her father’s eye. Developing an impeccable frame of solid muscle from her strenuous farm chores, along with starting on the varsity girl’s volleyball squad, a physically primed Carter signed up for a local rodeo on her 18th birthday.

Courageously being the sole female to dare enter the male dominated sport of steer wrestling, Carter shockingly won her event by wrangling 3 bulls to the ground (a state record that still remains unbroken). Branded that day with the fabled moniker “Insanity Jane” for her fearless head-first dives onto the backs of rambunctious steers, Carter soon earned her Wyoming state board certified approval to be a full time licensed bull rider.

Competing in county fair rodeos and livestock shows all around the western United States, Carter became professional bull riding’s newest must-see sensation. However, well on her way to PBR superstardom, tragedy soon changed the course Carter’s destiny. While participating in a steer-wrestling exhibition in Fort Collins, Colorado, Carter overexerted the force of her takedown, and accidentally broke an innocent young bull’s neck in front of a horrified audience of 1500. Immediately overcome with soul shattering guilt and deep regret, Carter instantly vowed to not only retire from bull riding, but also to dedicate her life to putting an end to the inhumane sport, once and for all.

Now, Carter brings her fierce agility, farmhand strength, and frontier toughness to the sport of professional fighting. With the goal of competing to raise awareness of animal cruelty, and procuring money for her abused livestock sanctuary farm, Carter currently is a warmhearted champion of both combat and compassion.