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She Wolf -

Disenfranchised Loner Raised By Feral Wolves
Full name: 
Ladine Dough
More nicknames: 
Saskatchewan, Canada
Hair color: 
Torn and Jagged
Fighting Style: 
Survivalist, Wolf Claw, Primal Instinct
Kristen Stewart meets Drew Barrymore and gets bitten by a strung out dog.
Wardrobe / Props: 
Aviator Styled Fargo Fur Hat, Worn Out Green Army Jacket, Furry Boots, Spiked Dog Collar, Thermal Leggings
Battle cry: 
“You smell nervous” “I don’t bite. I just win.”
Political affiliation: 
Western Independence Party of Saskatchewan
Reason for fighting: 
Repay back taxes.
Building a Fire, Playing Fetch, Cutting Her Own Hair.
Day job: 
Woodlands Drifter
Favorite music: 
Tribal Mash-Up
Favorite movies: 
Nell, Teen Wolf, Pretty Woman
Role models: 
Sarah McLachlan, Jane Goodall, Tipper Gore
Favorite drink: 
Tree Sapp
Signature moves: 
Throat Rip, Moon Howl, Dancing Wolf
Finishing move: 
Alpha Bull Dog


Disgustedly rejecting societal humanity for its superficial values and abusive treatment of Mother Nature, Ladine “Laddy” Dough is an anarchistic recluse with unrelenting primal tendencies. Left for dead in the secluded Canadian wilderness by her chemically imbalanced mother at the age 4, Dough was thrust into the national spotlight after being found unharmed four days later in the protective care of a den of ferocious wolves. Maintaining her special connection with the great outdoors throughout the duration of her tumultuous adolescence, a lonesome and dejected Dough pinballed around the Canadian foster care system for the reminder of her formative years.

With nowhere to turn to or any real family to speak of, a disheartened Dough attempted to take herself off society’s grid by relocating to the woods on her 18th birthday. Living with only minor household amenities in a pop tent in the midst of the sprawling Canadian forest, a minimalistic Dough found her true life’s calling in helping to defend her neighboring animal brethren from the unwarranted wrath of seasonal hunters. Perpetrating this unorthodox lifestyle for several years while becoming a Canadian urban legend amongst the hunting community (becoming known and amply nicknamed  “She Wolf”), the mythical Dough was eventually captured and charged by Canadian authorities for a laundry list of crimes ranging from 2nd degree assault and battery to federal tax evasion.

Quickly seizing her nation’s interest once again, through publically protesting her alleged charges by legally changing her last name to “Dough” while still in custody, Dough became an environmentally friendly media darling that caused a public relations nightmare for the federal government of Canada. In a calculated response, Dough was soon offered a generous plea deal from the state that agreed to drop all charges and release her into a protected wildlife preserve in exchange for 3 years of unpaid back taxes. Reluctantly accepting the deal, but having no savings or money to repay her sizeable debt, Dough feverishly searched for a suitable job that would dually bring in substantial income while allowing her to utilize her animalistic abilities and survival skills. Soon joining the sisterhood of organized female fighting, Dough now looks to earn a healthy paycheck by annihilating her wasteful opponents at their own game.