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Creatively forging the newest milestone in the evolution of mass multimedia entertainment, Margarita Wrestling seamlessly blends the wildly fun arena of online gaming with the unbridled excitement of reality-based live events into one innovative hybrid of next-generation improvisational sports theatre. Reverse engineering the successful formula behind the phenomena of fantasy sports, Margarita Wrestling is able to proficiently build a real-life combat sports league from it’s own virtual RPG medium. Molding our talented roster of over 60 prominent female social media personalities into a fictional cavalcade of outlandishly extravagant characters for our mobile card-based fighting game, Margarita Wrestling has the unprecedented ability to bring it’s fan’s most beloved avatars to the fierce reality of gripping competition at our sensational live events based on the in-game popularity of their designated wrestlers.

In addition to the state-of-the-art game play of Margarita Wrestling’s mobile 3-D app, the upstart media company also provides its users with a litany of enriching and unique digital in-house entertainment. By engaging Margarita Wrestling characters directly with their fan bases through all active social media channels, Margarita Wrestling can effectively provide constant storyline updates, utilize real-time interactive dialogue, and develop/deploy supplemental character/league videos. Ideally sound in its overall dynamic fusion of successful 21st century entertainment elements, partnered alongside its strategically positioned cross over appeal, Margarita Wrestling is the latest bold step in productively bridging the gap between virtual and real world recreation.

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