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About the coach

Using coaching as a way to give back to the sport and city that helped give her so much, Betty “Brown Sugar” Runnels is the de facto den mother and emotional leader of the Atlanta Rapture.

Born in the heart of Hotlanta, Runnels was raised a diehard fan of every major Georgia sports team. Even though Runnels herself was self admittedly uncoordinated and a subpar athlete at best, Runnels did have an extraordinary knack to not only understand advanced sports psychology and strategy, but also possessed the verbal skills to break down her complex knowledge into comprehendible rhetoric relatable to the common man.

Looking to take her lifelong passion for sports to a professional level, Runnels graduated college with a degree in broadcast journalism in the hopes of one day becoming a distinctively unique stalwart of sports broadcasting. However, due to overwhelming gender bias and the glaring fact that Runnels had never played any collegiate or professional sports, the silver tongued journalist found it hard to find decent work in her field. 

Enduring years of professional struggle, Runnels caught her first big break after being hired as a sideline reporter for MWE. Quickly becoming a fan and player favorite for her quick-witted insights and thought provoking questions, Runnels was promoted to head color commentator within a year of her on air debut. Being a staple of the main MWE Broadcast team for 4 more seasons, which eventually lead to Runnels scoring a hosting job for her own drive time talk radio show, Runnels eventually went on extended hiatus from MWE to focus on working fulltime on her new afternoon radio show. Now returning to MWE after one full year away, but wanting to give back to both the company and city that supported her, Runnels was offered and accepted the position of Head Coach for the Atlanta Rapture.