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Boston Headbutt - East

About the coach

Continuously reigniting the competitive flames of her players with her comically outrageous sideline antics, common sense leadership tactics, and abrasively vulgar wisdom, the outlandish Heidi “Dirty Emerald” Affleck is revolutionizing the coaching style of MWE with every politically incorrect tirade she audaciously incites.

Born and bred to be just another average forgettable Boston youth, Affleck loudly dared to dream about living an exciting life outside the paltry confines of her conventional upbringing. Memorized by the rich tradition of her hometown’s stridently untamed stand-up comedy scene as a young girl, an inspired Affleck made her infamously regrettable onstage debut on the night of her 18th birthday at Botchi’s Comedy Club. Not allowing the unexpected jeers of the raucous audience to dissuade her impressionable confidence, Affleck tenuously became a recurring fixture of Boston’s various open mic nights.

Eventually enduring several grueling years of fending off inebriated local hecklers and being painfully ignored by disinterested audiences, a persevering Affleck received her first and only career break by becoming a regular weekly feature comic of a preeminent Thursday night stand-up show. Supporting herself by running the comedy club’s soundboard 6 nights a week, Affleck fearlessly pursued her fledgling comedy career despite any traceable signs of new successes. Repeatedly watching her fellow stand up colleagues soar to new heights of professional stand-up comedy prosperity while her career remained stagnant, Affleck continued to toil away into Boston comedy obscurity.

Ultimately pushed to the verge of quitting her life’s passion altogether, an unrelinquishing Affleck was soon afforded the opportunity to utilize her stand-up comedy skill set in another medium of modern entertainment. Having been a fervent lifelong combat sports fan with a vast array of MMA knowledge, Affleck was randomly referred and invited to a tryout for MWE’s new Boston expansion team. Although being instantly disqualified as a potential combatant after spectacularly failing the cardiovascular portion of the tryout, Affleck impressively dazzled the scouts with her lively personality and abundant professional fighting intelligence. Immediately being asked and accepting the job as the first-ever head coach of the Boston Headbutt, Affleck now has finally found a solid forum to prosper and connect with a new type of live audience.