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Hollywood Starlets - West

About the coach

Persevering over unparalleled adversity, Coach “Fiery” Phoenix Spencer genuinely encompasses all the attributes of being a true MWE champion inside and outside of the ring. Tragically orphaned at age 3, and raised alone by her devoted grandmother, Spencer was constantly ridiculed throughout the majority of her wayward youth for her egregious weight problem. Clocking in at a disproportionate 240 pounds by age 17, Spencer was bombarded daily with judgmental glances and vocal fat shaming by her vilely disparaging peers.

Enduring a teenage eternity of cheap jeers and high cholesterol jokes, Spencer heroically mustered up the courage to take charge of her hopeless situation, and started boxing at a local neighborhood gym. Pushing her body and mind into an intense 12 month cycle of physically demanding training, Spencer willed herself into successfully losing a remarkable 130 pounds by the time of her 18th birthday. Furthering the accentuated eminence of her astounding body transformation, Spencer was cast to be a principal spokesmodel for a popular chain of upscale fitness centers, as well as additionally turning her triumphant battle with obesity into a lucrative career as an impassioned motivational speaker.

Spencer soon began touring a string of small colleges up and down the pacific coastline, and found heartwarming inner gratification in sharing her life’s story with receptive young audiences. However, Spencer’s content life of air conditioned lectures and campus speaking engagements would be soon be irreversibly altered, after being vocally called out during a student assembly by a pessimistic young co-ed (who coincidentally was Gwyneth “Diamond Thunder” Thurman) into literally actualizing the philosophies the inspirational guru was so adamantly preaching. Nobly accepting the snarky coed’s challenge by randomly joining the newly organized MWE, Spencer once again looked to expand the boundaries of her body’s limitations.

Entering the promotion, armed with movie star looks, years of boxing proficiency and renewed fortitude, Spencer’s dominant impact over the league would lead her into becoming the poster child of MWE. Winning 3 MWE titles and 2 MVP awards, the “fiery” Spencer had once again reinvented herself by superseding all expectations. Enjoying her championship caliber reign for 1 year more, unfortunate cataclysmic misfortune would again strike down upon the most decorated superstar in MWE history.

While fighting her archrival, Stephanie “Pinderella” Adrianos, Spencer fractured her spinal column after being knocked down by a controversial spear tackle. Medically disqualified from ever competing again, Spencer was unwillingly forced into early retirement. However, true to the championship form of countless other sports legends before her, Spencer refused to let her broken neck end her MWE career. Soon accepting a head coaching position with the Hollywood Starlets, Spencer utilized her unmatched heart and enthusiasm into becoming the winning-est coach MWE currently has to offer.