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Miami Burn - East

About the coach

An air kissing, fashion-forward savant, with the brilliant insanity turned up to 11, Vienna “Scorpia Silk” Scorpetta is MWE’s eccentric fashionista of glamorous brutality. Seemingly raised with an overbearingly self imposed chip on her shoulder due to her frequently misunderstood artistic personality, a capricious Scorpetta defiantly cemented her place in the world of high fashion after the initial launch of her first internationally revered spring clothing line at the age of 24. Quickly allowing the overnight success of her Silk Scorpion active couture brand to permanently warp her frailly undernourished ego, Scorpetta’s bizarrely avant-grade nature reached new heights of absurdity after the renowned designer dually elected to legally rename herself “Scorpia Silk”, and began forever donning an iconic blue wig. Adding further to her own checkered legend, in a historically controversial move to dismiss all those Scorpetta deemed unworthy of representing her now heralded clothing brand, the headline creating fashion guru stunned critics and fans alike after she unapologetically terminated all associations with any current print, commercial, and runway models contracted to her company. Immediately forced to scour the globe for an ensemble of new models she believed would fully embody the uniquely unabashed essence of her feverishly in demand clothing line, Scorpetta soon discovered an untapped cavalcade of talented potential in the beautiful battle tested warriors of MWE. Looking to create an advantageous relationship with the spirited young promotion that would mutually benefit both parties, Scorpetta sharply negotiated a lucrative cross-promotional deal that cleverly included herself being offered and ultimately accepting the position of head coach for her hometown team, the Miami Burn.