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New York Drivers - East

About the coach

The cautionary tale of Stephanie “Pinderella” Adrianos is one filled with struggle, heartbreak, and anguish. Born and raised in the shadow of Broadway, Adrianos was consumed with the idea of becoming a world-renowned thespian. After graduating from college with a bachelor of fine arts degree in acting, along with starring in her university’s theatre department’s presentation of “Anne Get Your Gun”, Adrianos believed she was firmly on the road to fulfilling her destiny. Unfortunately for Adrianos, a 2-year string of failed auditions combined with a pile of mounting student loan debt began to send this would-be Broadway Baby back down to Earth.

Desperate to momentarily free herself from the clutches of financial turmoil, Adrianos answered an online ad to pose nude as a pinup model for a provocative men’s magazine. Even though Adrianos was ultimately successful in temporarily liberating herself from the brink of economic disaster, the young starlet had also unknowingly ended any chance she had of becoming a Broadway actress after word of her risqué photo shoot spread to casting directors and producers around New York.

Utterly devastated after discovering she had inadvertently destroyed her own career, Adrianos’ started channeling her overwhelming sorrow into unadulterated rage. Paying her bills and rent by taking a day job as an NYC cab driver, a crazed Adrianos joined the upstart MWE League, and began taking out her disappointment with life on all her opponents. Fighting under the name Pinderella, (to constantly remind herself of the one mistake as a pin up that cost her everything) Adrianos became a decorated MWE champion through her mercilessness and tenacious ferocity.

However, after establishing a legendary 3-year reign of pure dominance, Adrianos’ was suspended indefinitely from competing in MWE as a player after accidentally breaking “Fiery” Phoenix Spencer’s neck with a brutal spear tackle. Still unsanctioned to participate as a MWE combatant to this day, but continuing to want to be a part of MWE experience, Adrianos currently coaches her former team with the same grit and determination she once showed as the league MVP.